Thursday, April 15, 2010

Father Figure Fun

Life does not exist without the father. This is a simple fact.
Life does not exist without the Father. This is a simple fact.

Growing up as a human being, the role of the father is very important. Our world is messed up by this nasty thing called sin, creating a place where fathers are not fulfilling the roles God has given them. Some kids face a situation where "Dad" leaves for another woman, tired of the family he created. Down the road, another kid feels pressure from "Dad" who is using his words to manipulate his kid into being the person "Dad" wants to have. The girl next door hides in her room because "Dad" sexually abuses her. Across the street, "Dad" buys his kids whatever they want, whenever they want. From one house to another kids are living in situations where they get a distorted view of a father, and unfortunately never meet the Father.

I was born into a family with Mom and Dad both loving God and loving each other. With two older brothers, I was the baby, looking up at Matt and Nate and Joanne and Allen. At the ripe young age of 32, Allen was the proud father of three young boys. A few short years and Allen was the proud father of three boys, living with a disease that would take a good chunk of life away from him. Multiple Sclerosis has shaped Dad into a man that he never imagined he would be. No more hiking, wrench turning, elk hunting, tree climbing, driver's license, phone, or even rides to church on Sunday morning. The life my Dad lives today is simply the memories of the life he once lived.

Even though my family may sound like a mess, I know without a doubt, God has been walking with alongside us the whole time. I have experienced first hand, the gracious love of God the Father. Whether hot or cold, gentle or violent, stressful or calm, easy or hard - my Father has been with me in every season of this life. With God's perfect timing, my life has been made more complete by different father figures who have shown me my Father.

Jeff Buscher lived across the street from the Hersets in Kalispell, MT during the 1990's. What a great father figure for three young Montanans. As a 2nd grader, I didn't fully understand what was going on when Dad moved to a nursing home that Fall. Without Dad at the house, Jeff was the go-to-guy for many of life's little hiccups.

Three boys sharing one toilet, creating the "un-uncloggable?" Jeff brings in "The Snake." Two boys need a ride after school? Jeff rolls up in "The Egg Van." Long winters have the boys couped-up inside? Jeff gets out the climbing rope, builds a rope swing in the garage, and encourages us to find that Tarzan deep inside. The developing male body feels the need to launch himself into the atmosphere? Jeff's got the power tools and wood to build that perfect ramp. Time to hear about "the birds and the bees?" Send Jeff on a weekend road trip with the boys.

Thinking of Jeff brings me to Matthew 25 (see which is filled to overflowing with insight from the Father's son, Jesus. All of the stuff that Jeff did for me as I grew up, was above and beyond his responsibility as a father. Or was it? God has given Jeff "talents" and wanted Jeff to use them "to one of the least of these" (me). I am blown away by Jeff's ability to show the love of Jesus to the people around him. Young or old, rich or poor, white or black, nice or mean, his own son or Allen's son.

It is not the "Who?" but the "Why?" that compels Jeff to live out the Gospel. He has been a father to many so that many may know the Father.

Thanks, Jeff.
Love, Timbo.


  1. Thanks for opening up and sharing, Tim! May Jesus continue to teach and bless you always. :)

  2. Very nice Tim, Thank You... Keep Pressing On - Jeff